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Ohio Secretary of State
Kentucky Secretary of State
Tennessee Secretary of State
Indiana Secretary of State
West Virginia Secretary of State 

UCC Searches:
UCC Searches - Ohio
UCC Searches - Kentucky
UCC Searches - Indiana
UCC Searches - Tennessee
UCC Searches - West Virginia 

Other State Sites:
Kentucky Office of Financial Institutions
Ohio Department of Commerce
Ohio Division of Financial Institutions
West Virginia Department of Banking
Tennessee Department of Financial Institutions
Indiana Department of Financial Institutions

Federal Sites:
Federal Reserve
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
Office of Thrift Supervision
Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council

Industry Sites:
Mortgage Bankers Association
Ohio Mortgage Bankers Association
Kentucky Bankers Association
Community Bankers Association of Ohio
Ohio Bankers League
Tennessee Bankers Association
Indiana Bankers Association
Indiana Mortgage Bankers Association

Mortgage Bankers Association of the Bluegrass
Tennessee Mortgage Bankers Association
West Virginia Bankers Association

Other Sites of Interest:
World Banking News
Banknet 360
Yahoo Banking News

Other Blogs:
SCOTUSblog -
How Appealing -
The Cleveland Law Library -
The OFCCP Blog -
The Wall Street Journal’s Law Blog -  

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Vincent E. Mauer represents clients in commercial and business disputes with particular emphasis on financial institutions and instruments, including financial institution bonds, securities, insurance policies and commercial loans.